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The Scottish TSE Network (STN) Annual Symposium

Models, Mechanisms & Resources

6th December 2016
The Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, UK

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Prof Maria Grazia Spillantini
The University of Cambridge, UK
The study of tau and α-synuclein pathology in vitro

Dr James Alibhai
The University of Edinburgh, UK
Human iPSC-derived neural cells in prion disease research

Dr Raymond Bujdoso
The University of Cambridge, UK
Measuring prion infectivity using PrP transgenic Drosophila

Dr Sam Jackson
NC3Rs, London, UK
The work of the NC3Rs

Dr Selina Wray
University College London, UK
Modelling tauopathies using human stem cell derived neurons

Prof Surachai Supattapone
Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth, USA
Cell-free conversion systems as models of prion replication

Prof Colin Smith
The University of Edinburgh, UK
The UK Brain Banks Network: A national resource

Prof Nora Hunter
The Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, UK
Old diseases, new diseases: lessons from the Roslin Archive

Prof Tom Freeman
The Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, UK
Explorations of the transcriptional landscape associated with neurodegenerative disease

Prof Malcolm Macleod
The University of Edinburgh, UK
The intersection of scientific rigour and the 3Rs

Prof Richard Morimoto
Northwestern University, Chicago, USA
A chaperone network safeguards proteostasis in aging and disease

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